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The Formula Car Challenge was founded in 2005 to develop future motorsports teams, drivers, engineers and crew members.
The series offers a platform in which costs can be carefully controlled, creating a level playing field for drivers.
The concept has been fully realized as multiple graduates have made it to IndyCar and other top level positions in motorsports.

The FASTEST CarS in the west

The Formula Car Challenge presented by Goodyear is SPEC.... but with VARIETY. 
The series believes in the cost advantages of spec racing, but also understands that fans do love to see variety on the track. With this in mind the FCC features 3 different spec classes inside of the championship, making it the only spec series that features a variety of cars. All three classes are on track at the same time, but compete for points and championships only within their respective classes.

Multi-class racing presents a unique dimension of competition, as drivers must be aware of cars with distinctly different strengths as they battle to win in their class.  It makes for extremely exciting racing for both the drivers, and the fans. Details on the cars that compete in the series can be found below.


The original basis for the category, the Formula Mazda (FM) is powered by one of Mazda’s most popular rotary engines, the 13B. Paired with a 5 speed, H-pattern transmission, the category was born in 1984 and has been the training tool of many professional racers including Joey Hand, Michael McDowell, Guy Cosmo, Scott Speed and many more.

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The GEN2 FormulaSPEED (FS) was introduced in 2016, and is engineered and hand-built in California. Designed to incorporate modern technology, safety and cost effective performance, the car has proved to be the ideal training platform for drivers new to open wheel racing. 

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Introduced in 2004, the Star Pro Formula Mazda (PFM) is a carbon-fiber based chassis powered by the 250hp Mazda Renesis engine. Fitted with a 6-speed sequential transmission, the car  produces speeds in excess of 150mph. This is the very same car that was used in the Mazda Road to Indy Pro Mazda Championship from 2004-2017.

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Series history

The Formula Car Challenge presented by Goodyear was formed in 2005. Many of the original drivers were graduates of the Jim Russell school's racing series, and so the series was aptly nicknamed the "Russell Pro Series." This series originally took place exclusively at Sonoma Raceway. Management of the Russell Pro Series also operated the Star Mazda West Coast Series which took place at a variety of tracks. Both series were getting extremely popular, and so in 2009 the decision was made to combine them under one trademarked monicker; the Formula Car Challenge.

The Formula Car Challenge has graduated drivers into the highest levels of motorsports, and FCC Alumni have won some incredible races and championships. With support from some great partners, the series has grown to be the best place on the West Coast to build your racing resume and develop your talent.

You can access our series news archive and list of champions here...